As a client-focused company, Maznet is proud to have worked with a wide selection of clients in a variety of industries. Through our web design, web hosting, copywriting and SEO services, we have increased domain ranking, customer conversion and revenue for our clients. We take pride in our collaborations and are incredibly pleased to work in partnership with exceptional businesses to achieve great results.

Miyagi Bonsai

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Renowned for their expertise, Miyagi Bonsai specialises in crafting and nurturing exquisite bonsai trees, transforming these miniature marvels into living works of art. With meticulous attention to detail, Miyagi Bonsai Company showcases an extensive collection featuring diverse species and artistic styles selling both indoor and outdoor bonsai trees. In addition to plants, Miyagi Bonsai specialises in the tools and nutrients to help bonsais thrive whilst our SEO services have helped their website to thrive.

Digital Camera Land

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Your ultimate resource centre for digital cameras, Digital Camera Land is your essential guide on how to buy the ideal equipment and capture stunning imagery. Helping photographers and videographers enhance their skills, Digital Camera Land is bursting with tips on how to choose the best camera and essentially, how to use it. Whether you are a beginner in search of your first camera or an experienced photographer, Digital Camera Land helps to narrow down your camera search and get the most from your investment. Maznet’s SEO services, including content creation, has helped grow Digital Camera Land dramatically.


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An e-commerce company specialising in exquisite, handmade wooden desks, Muju is the next big thing in the furniture industry. Custom-making beautiful handmade products to fit customer requirements, Muju designs and creates breathtaking furniture to fit any space at an affordable price tag. Founders Mark and Julie were tired of endlessly searching for furniture to fit and decided to design their own. Whilst Muju crafts furniture that perfectly fits, the company found Maznet for SEO services that are the ideal fit.

Hotels Online

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For anyone looking to explore the UK and its surrounding islands, Hotels Online is your go-to for British holidays. Highlighting the beauty of travelling close to home, Hotels Online focuses on travel and accommodation in England, Scotland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Hotels Online is a treasure trove of incredible resources for holidays and adventure across the British Isles. We provided Hotels Online with the full Maznet package including web design, web hosting and SEO services.

Jersey Holidays

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The ultimate guide to the beautiful Channel Island of Jersey, Jersey Holidays is home to all the information you could possibly need for an island escape. Detailing everything from travel and accommodation to activities and attractions, Jersey Holidays is a comprehensive tool that makes planning a Jersey holiday stress-free. Featuring up-to-date travel information, essential tips and accommodation recommendations, Jersey Holidays makes it easy to book and plan your trip. Hosted, designed and optimised by Maznet, Jersey Holidays has the expertise of Maznet flowing through every corner of the site.

Watchmaking Tools

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The primary destination for all things watchmaking, Watchmaking Tools is the perfect companion for your watchmaking journey. An essential guide to watchmaking tools and techniques whilst staying up-to-date with the latest in the industry, Watchmaking Tools is the ultimate resource hub for the watchmaking industry. A hobby and profession that can be difficult to find information on, Watchmaking Tools was developed to be a one-stop-shop for watchmaking and the team trusted Maznet to design, develop and host their online superstore of information.

Sparkle Lights

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Sparkle Lights is an innovative lighting retailer that transforms spaces with a dazzling array of decorative illumination. Specialising in cutting-edge LED technology, Sparkle Lights offers a diverse selection of string lights, fairy lights and innovative light fixtures designed to add a magical touch to any setting. Their product range spans from vibrant outdoor lighting and festive decor to elegant indoor fairy lights for creating an enchanting atmosphere. With a commitment to energy efficiency, durability and aesthetic appeal, Sparkle Lights caters to a wide array of tastes and preferences. Whether for weddings, home decor or special events, Sparkle Lights strives to illuminate and elevate spaces with a sparkling charm that captivates and delights. Sparkle Lights worked with Maznet to bring traffic to their site with the help of our SEO services whilst our copywriting has increased business revenue.

Zenith Motorcycles

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A North London based company for all your motorcycle needs, Zenith Motorcycles excels in the complete care of bikes. A service and repair centre that specialises in a wide range of manufacturers including Mutt Motorcycles, Zenith Motorcycles also offers MOT testing and full fault diagnosis. Zenith Motorcycles can provide your bike with lifelong care from regular servicing and essential maintenance to crucial repairs. With over 30 years in the British motorcycle industry, the founder of Zenith Motorcycles understands the importance of experience and expertise, choosing Maznet for web design and SEO services.

Jon The Watch

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An expert in the watchmaking industry, horologist Jon The Watch not only provides watch servicing and repairs in South London but offers watchmaking courses for all levels. Catering to both complete beginners and experienced watchmakers looking to enhance their skills, Jon The Watch hosts evening watchmaking courses at the London School of Watchmaking. Jon The Watch also offers taster days for those just wanting to dip their toes into the world of watchmaking. Maznet was brought into the fold for web design and our SEO experts have since driven organic to the site through Maznet’s SEO services.

Promoting Women in Science

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